all Art is quite useless.

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I'm going to reclaim my lost homeland from a living embodiment of death and greed.
Hey, can I bring my friend?
He needs to get out of the house more.

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possiblywonderful asked: Gute Frau, wo kommen Sie denn bitte auf einmal her?

ich weiß es nicht, ich war betrunken @_@

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i think one day leonardo dicaprio should be the host that reads the nominees for best actor and when he opens the envelope to see who won it turns out his name is printed neatly in the center and he chokes up a little and his eyes water and his cohost takes the card and exclaims LEONARDO DICAPRIO!! and the audience cheers and leo cries and his supporting actors and actresses come up and hug him

i dont care if this goes against oscar tradition i just want leo to be happy

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